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Our Solution

Use our product design and order management app to publish products and fulfil orders on an on-demand basis.

Fulfilment Workflow

  • Fully Self-Service
  • Flexible Workstations with intelligent Queuing
  • Multi-Item BIN Processing
  • Process own orders [non-network]
  • User, group and role management
  • Correspondence templates

Easy and intelligent fulfilment

  • Location based Printing
    One click printing
  • Batching of similar items for bulk printing
  • Network and Local printing
  • Configurable print templates

Flexible Shipping

  • Fully self-service
  • Configurable shipping options and charging
  • Wide range of Shipping Company integrations

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We've got some cool features

Complementary App for Resellers

  • Manual orders
  • Product Creation
  • Image Store
  • Customer Address book
  • Invoicing and payment processing
  • White-labelled version if required

Same Day Installation

  • Setup wizard
  • Rapid customer on-boarding

Dashboards and In Depth reporting

  • Management & Production reporting
  • Order analysis

eCommerce Channels

  • Accept orders from many ecommerce channels

Discount Processing

  • Discount codes
  • Discount tiers
  • Sample request processing

Many Other Services

  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting
  • Notifications
  • Plus many more ...


A few screenshots

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We partner with our Customers. Their success is ours.

  • Flexible development team and approach
  • Customer lead product development
  • Bespoke Customer development
  • Shared marketing
  • White labelled solutions